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CONVICTION LOGLINE: Cassie, a bored housewife gets more than she bargained for when a devious murderer she has been writing to in prison manages to make way his way to her doorstep after escaping incarceration.

#1 UK Urban Fiction Best Seller
(#2 in the USA) Amazon


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Federal Marshal John Godley and his team roll into a small Kansas backwater for a routine prison transfer only to discover the locals are covering up a rising body count of mysterious murders near a newly constructed access road built upon ancient Celtic burial grounds.

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“Lee's script is an original and hilarious concept that is clearly highly marketable" 

A comedy about three bumbling foreign extremists trying to blend into America society only to end up falling in love with the beauty, freedoms and food they discover.

BEST TV SITCOM SCRIPT - Las Vegas International Film  Screenwriting Festival - Wicked Plan
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