STARRING: Rogelio Camarillo Jr. & Vince Groulx
GENRE: Drama/Thriller
STATUS: In Post-Production

Laid off from his job, Luke Gomez, steals a quarter from a homeless man at a bar and turns the single coin into a casino winning streak. All seems to be going exceedingly well, until Luke makes a cocky move to return the quarter.

DIRECTED BY: Lee Chambers
WRITTEN BY: Kris Ketonen & Lee Chambers
GENRE: Thriller
STATUS: On Film Festival Circuit

Late one night Craig, a mechanic, reluctantly agrees to help Nicole, a desperate young woman with a flat tire, in a car all too familiar to him. Nicole's mysterious incident on the old Copenhagen Road slowly strikes an eerie note for Craig and brings his own shady past rushing forward.

DIRECTED BY: Lee Chambers
WRITTEN BY: Todd Gordon & Lee Chambers
GENRE: Thriller
STATUS: Selling worldwide by Shoreline Entertainment

After 55 film festivals/events, 70 nominations & 35 Awards the festival run and theatrical release via Cineplex is now complete. The movie is now available to buy, rent or stream in the USA via Amazon.com. Also available in another 30+ countries including Spain, Tunisia and UAE.
Available to view on BellTV in Canada starting October 1st, 2019.

DIRECTED BY: Lee Chambers
WRITTEN BY: Lee Chambers & Christina Sharpe
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: On release


Selected by over 45 film festivals around the world with 14 awards and nominations - including a Directors Guild of Canada Ontario nomination for Best Director.

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