ep9: Selling movies around the world with Liam Guise from Acort Int.

Liam Guise from Acort International discusses navigating the film distribution landscape after a pandemic. What is the future of streaming vs theatrical? How do filmmakers attract a distributor? Got a movie that needs to be seen? Go check out and drop Liam a line.

ep8: Running a film festival in the desert with Annette and Warren

Entries from around the world, scheduling nightmares... What is it like to run a film festival? Annette and Warren Hull create movies and award-winning screenplays via AnnWar Productions. They are also the Festival Directors behind the Las Vegas International Film & Screenwriting Festival - one of the coolest festivals on the circuit. 

ep7: How to get your script to the BIG screen

Most screenwriters draft up the blueprints for amazing stories all alone, with just a cup of coffee to guide them. Many may have a pile of scripts but have never had their creative words progress into production. Getting a chance to see your work delivered by actors on a big screen gives you the full scope of the industry you are in and will make you a better writer. Catch these highlights from the Las Vegas International Film & Screenwriting Festival, as Lee Chambers talks about getting your script to the big screen.

ep10: Paul Weston is the real Superman

Legendary stuntman Paul Weston has battled Aliens with James Cameron, donned the cloak of Superman, fought Nazis in Raiders of the Lost Arc and was almost burned alive making Licence to Kill. Did he really kill himself in Return of the Jedi or take on Darth Vader in Rogue One? His career in the movies is truly amazing and EVERYONE has seen him in action.

ep6: Alberto Tihan the CEO of Talks Distribution

Are you looking for distribution for your short or feature? Alberto Tihan launched a Canadian film distribution company called Kinoklik.  An actor, filmmaker and entrepreneur, Alberto - the founder and CEO of Kinoklik - wants to change and improve the film distribution system for independent and emerging filmmakers. Check out

ep5: Basil Hoffman & the Acting Craft

Actor BASIL HOFFMAN has worked with distinguished film directors such as Carl Reiner, Alan J. Pakula, the Coen Brothers, Steven Spielberg, Blake Edwards, Sydney Pollack, Ron Howard and Robert Redford - twice. He appeared in two Best Picture Academy Award winners: Ordinary People and The Artist, and is the author of the best selling book, ACTING: HOW TO BE GOOD AT IT. 

ep4: Carter Lee and Lee talk horror movies and Pinheads

Formerly a film journalist and professional wrestler, Carter Lee now runs and Final Girl Productions. He is a public speaker and also the author of the critically-acclaimed book, ‘When Jonathan Cried for Me’. As a warning... his favourite movie quote is shocking. 

ep3: Tim Tortora and avoiding the Hollywood Con Man

Amazing business advice from Tim Tortora who will advises investors on how to avoid getting conned in Hollywood. Tim ran Oprah Winfrey's film and long-form TV unit, produced at Mandalay Sports Entertainment and worked on Jackass: The Movie.

ep1: Screenplay theft?

Screenwriter, Penny LauRae, joins Lee Chambers to discuss her ordeal fighting Oscar nominee Peter Morgan over the screenplay to the movie, Hereafter directed by Clint Eastwood. Copyright and intellectual property is a serious matter for all filmmakers and screenwriters and Penny shares her legal woes.

ep2: Inspiration, Amazon Prime and Google's home page
Filmmaking is a team sport and a crazy mix of being an art form and a business. It's expensive making movies. From shorts to features, how can filmmakers find inspiration and more importantly... have their films seen. Lee Chambers goes solo today to share the goods.

"Lee was an insightful informative guest. I've already had information hungry filmmakers asking me to have him on again. He is a great conversationalist  with a good

sense of humor and brings a lifetime of experience

and expertise to the discussion."